Arcv2CAD 8.0

Turn ESRI shapefiles into AutoCAD drawings

Process the content of ESRI shapefiles and transform them to be compatible with CAD programs. Convert the content such as text labels, legends, table data, elevation data, colors, and layers into elements in DXF and DWG files. Optionally, work with SHP, MDB, DBF, CSV, TXT, XYZ, BLN, and CSV files.

Arcv2CAD is a Windows program designed to convert ESRI Shapefiles to AutoCAD DXF and DWG formats. You can select to convert text labels, legends, table data, elevation data, colors and layers from Shapefile to AutoCAD drawings. You can apply colors corresponding to selected feature attributes, produce text labels from features data, transfer table data via DXF/DWG ATTRIB or Extended Data (XData) definitions, and more.

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